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The Coming Move of God
in the United States

Angelic Visitations & Prophetic Words
Mike Thompson’s testimony


In 2013, Ck and I relocated our ministry headquarters to Las Vegas after 38 years of ministry in Oregon.  

We're on an excellent adventure. A heavenly assignment. And it's been a lot of work! We sincerely thank all of our partners for the love, prayers and financial support. Your offerings have helped us obey God. Ck calls it "money with a mission." Souls are in the balance. Let me tell you why.

In Fall of 2014, I had another encounter with Michael the warrior angel. It took me awhile to get this written down, but I knew the Lord wanted me to get it into your hands. The message of our heavenly assignment. The invitation to be part of what God is doing. And to tell you about one of the messengers He used to help me understand this calling.

I'm referring to the archangel Michael, the angel of Israel!  (Dan.10:21; Rev.12:7)  

Be the Warrior.

The first time I saw Michael was on October 11, 2012.  
An angel suddenly showed up -- yes, in my kitchen -- and began assisting me in spiritual warfare! The Lord introduced him to me as the archangel Michael. He called him the warrior angel.

In that particular encounter, the Lord spoke to me about my own calling:  that of a warrior apostle/prophet. And He instructed me emphatically:  "Be the warrior!"  

Do you have any idea how much courage it takes to tell people you've been visited by an archangel? It is humbling, and I don't know if I can do it justice. But here's my best effort to share a general overview of my experiences.

Please let your heart be stirred. I pray you receive encouragement and heavenly understanding as you read.

June 13, 2013.

This happened while Ck and I were on sabbatical. We were in prayer in a hotel room in Las Vegas, Nevada. Suddenly Michael visited me and began to show me amazing things. I saw a rainbow of colors in the sky.  It was spreading out  -- high in the sky -- over America. It was a huge Revival "hanging" in the atmosphere over the United States!

But I also saw wicked spirits opposing this move of God.
I watched as Michael's army of angels warred against these wicked spirits. The whole scene took place in the second heaven, referred to by Apostle Paul in Eph.6:12:  "...against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this age, against spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places."

This is a description of the rank and file of demonic entities under Satan's authority.

The angels of God operate in rank and file as well, under God's authority. That's one reason it's vital to understand the importance of authority. Everything is created to operate within lines of authority. In order to BE in authority, one must also SUBMIT to authority.  

Believers who have trouble submitting to godly authority are sabotaging their own authority on the Earth. Apostle Paul brought an indictment against them for acting like they have no Father. He called them "bastards and not sons" in Hebrews 12:8. That's pretty strong.  

(I love the King James Version. It gets people's attention!)

Back to Michael! I asked, "Why doesn't the warfare stop them once and for all? Why do they keep coming back?" Michael turned and looked me squarely in the eyes.  

"The mouths of men!" he said. The hearts and mouths of men keep empowering these wicked spirits in the heavenlies. The hearts and mouths of both believers and unbelievers!

Even believers who ought to know better! They curse America by pronouncing judgments that are in direct opposition to God's will for the country. They give their mouths to fear, sectarianism, murmuring and strife. Even maliciousness against those in authority.

Michael said, "In so doing, they're opposing the coming move of God."

I was extremely surprised. But at the same time I realized it was true!

Referring to the army of angels, Michael said, "We need your help. We need believers, prayer warriors and intercessors to speak words that empower angels to tear down the enemy's strongholds. Angels hearken to the voice of God's Word, as decreed through the mouths of believers."

Then the angel said something that would change our lives. “Jesus has been teaching you about 3rd Heaven authority. You’ve been assigned to take this message to God’s people. You can do that from anywhere, but the Lord would rather you did it from here.” Las Vegas!  In a moment of time he showed me a network of cities across America. Hubs of intercession for Revival! Las Vegas was/is a key city in that network.

Within a few months of this vision the Lord had moved me, Ck and our son Bryan to Las Vegas. He would tell me more about our nation from there.

November 20, 2013.

I was in the middle of my daily personal prayer time, when Michael suddenly appeared.  

“Come up with me again," were the first words out of his mouth. The sensation of spiritual power that accompanied his presence was both comforting and emboldening. I call it the "lifting anointing." Immediately it caught me away.

So off we went! We rose in the spiritual realm through what appeared to be a thick fog  covering the United States. Suddenly we broke through into the bright sunlight.

Looking down at the fog, the angel spoke, "Notice that up here the Lord's brilliance is always shining. It never goes away. But the fog keeps people from seeing it.  The Presence and Glory of God never lifts from them, but the fog dulls their senses. It tries to hide God's Glory so they think it's gone."  

Suddenly Michael looked right at me and said abruptly:  "You need to tell them that!" I could really feel the command in his voice!

Instinctively I knew the blanket of fog over the United States was the spirit of antichrist as well as the spirit of the world.  

He continued, “This is anti-Christ's will for America:  Secularism, hedonism, false religions, witchcraft, deceiving spirits, hopelessness, cares of this world. These things dull the spiritual vision of the soul. They induce spiritual fatigue and sleepiness on people. That's what is setting the nation adrift."

When Michael said, "cares of this world," it seemed out of place at first. But thinking back to the housing market crash and the hit the economy took, I realized it was just as dangerous as the rest of them. Financial fear brought hopelessness that was just as deceiving as witchcraft.   

I also recognized that when God's people agreed with the fog instead of God's Word, all they could see was the fog! They couldn't see the Glory of God anymore. Many became very weakened spiritually.

From this heavenly perspective, one thing was very apparent. The difference between thick fog and brilliant sunlight is like night and day.

The fog was full of darkness. It was death-inducing. It was cold and depressing. With no visibility, souls and bodies were unable to function the way God created them to function. It felt like people were "perishing for lack of knowledge."

On the other hand, the Lord's radiance delights the soul, warms the body and provides great visibility and discernment. It fills people with life and hope! It's liberating and optimistic!

Michael continued:  "Now that Jesus has strategically positioned you in Las Vegas, you have a unique assignment.  He is drawing you into the 'grid' with other prophetic warrior ministries across the country. Using the tools God has given you, teach His people about Third-Heaven authority!"

Here's the simplicity of God's plan:  "It takes the wind of God's Spirit to blow away the fog. But it requires Third-Heaven Authority to destroy the 'Fog Machine.'"

As quickly as he appeared, Michael was gone. I remained in the heavenlies for quite some time, praying and thinking about what I had just seen and heard.  

I am an eye-witness of the Revival that's already in the atmosphere above us. I refuse to agree with the fog! People, shake it off! Don't let it dull your senses anymore.  

Be an instrument of Revival, and use your mouth to build up America. Don’t tear it down. Revival is the answer! Determine to be part of the answer, and help the angels do their job!

Prophet Elisha said: "Do not fear, for those who are with us are more than those who are with them." (2 Kings 6:16)

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