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Teaching Series on CD, by Mike & Ck Thompson

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Word of Life is a Spirit-filled, Bible-believing, Prophetic/Apostolic ministry –
Proclaiming Jesus as Lord!

Jesus was in the grave 39 hours, which encompasses 3 separate days according to the Jewish calendar. What did Jesus do and where did He go during those hours that His body lay dead in the grave? Did He go to heaven? Or did He go to hell (hades)? How did He conquer death and pay the penalty for our sin?
3-CD set.

39 Hours That Changed the World (3-CD set)

$23.00 - Shipping included

For 40 years, Mike has preached the Word of Grace as given to him
by the Lord:
Grace is the relational structure of heaven. Legalism is the relational structure of hell. We were created to relate to one another within God’s system, which causes us to thrive. This is a life-giving message!
2-CD set.

God's System of Grace (2-CD set)

$18.00 - Shipping included

Introduction to Third-Heaven Realities (3-CD set)

$23.00 - Shipping included

According to Mike: “The first time the Lord took me to Third-Heaven, He gave me an assignment: Take the message of Third-Heaven Authority to the Body of Christ.”
Journey with Mike & Ck as they share encounters with the Lord, introducing the reality of the spiritual realm.  3-CD set:
1. My Third-Heaven Vision and Conversation with Angels (Mike)
2. Angelic Activity and Third-Heaven Encounters (Mike)
3. Interaction with Heaven is the Key to Revival (Ck)

God is calling His people into mighty, life-changing intercession. To bring His Kingdom "on Earth as it is in Heaven." Do you hear the upward call? Are You Hungry for More?
4-CD set:
1. Secret Key of Tongues,  2. Holy Spirit Reveals Divine Secrets,  
3. Catch the Heavenly Flow,  4. The Art of Intercession

Mysteries of Prayer (4-CD set)

$28.00 - Shipping included

Revival & the 2016 Presidential Election (3-CD set, plus bonus DVD)

$25.00 - Shipping included

How is the 2016 Presidential Election connected with Revival in America? What are God's prayer strategies and instructions? Learn about political spirits of Jezebel and Pharisee.

INCLUDES 17-MIN BONUS DVD: Mike's vision about Donald Trump.

3-CD set, plus bonus DVD.

1. Revival & the 2016 Presidential Election

2. Exposing the Spirits of Jezebel & Pharisee

3. Why Revival is Connected with this Election - 2016
4. BONUS DVD -  Donald Trump: Mike Thompson's Heavenly Vision