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Third-Heaven People!
Embrace Your Day!

by Mike & Ck Thompson

(Originally written in 2012)

This is a pivotal and important season for the Body of Christ. Don't judge by the 'seeing of the eyes or the hearing of the ears.' Isaiah 11:3

This is your Day of Destiny! Let God clarify your vision so you recognize the ‘form of the Lord.’ Numbers 12:8 This will greatly impact your life for years to come. Be encouraged, and listen to the Lord!

Government of God

The 'Government of God' is to be demonstrated through believers who stand up in 3rd Heaven authority. In this 2016 presidential election, the Lord says, It’s time for My people to learn a new thing!  

And the government shall be upon His shoulder... Isaiah 9:6   Let it BE upon His shoulders!

Look beyond typical party politics. Come up out of the mud. Everything is different this time around. God needs you to see what He sees. This is global.

Pray for the government of God. He is the One who ‘raises up kings and brings down kings.’ He’s the only One who truly knows what’s in the heart of man.  

The Body of Christ is always called to pray. And right now, the Lord needs us to get into agreement with Him. For the United States, Israel and the nations. Don't lend your mouth to political strife. Pray and trust God. No fear! He's got this!

God’s plan: The Kingdom of Heaven is invading Earth. ‘The kingdoms of this world are becoming the kingdoms of our Lord and of His Christ.’ Rev.11:15   It’s a spiritual kingdom, and He will fulfill all things... That’s the ultimate plan, and He needs His people to be led by the Spirit. So set aside old agendas, and pick up God's agenda.

He keeps His Word. And He is fully capable of that, with or without the Republicans or the Democrats. God will bless His people no matter WHO wins the election. You can HELP stop the fear. Trust God. And learn to walk in 3rd Heaven authority.

Third-Heaven People

The Lord has released a new portion of Glory upon the Body of Christ. He is calling us up to be 3rd Heaven  people. Do you feel the upward call?  

The Apostle Paul referred to himself in 2 Cor. 12, ...such a one was caught up to the third heaven. These things were ‘inexpressible’ at the time.

But later, he wrote about God’s 3rd Heaven people in the book of Ephesians. He saw you seated together with Christ in heavenly places. Far above all principality and power and might and dominion, and every name that is named...  

As 3rd Heaven people, there’s an ‘upward call’ in our hearts. He’s teaching us how to navigate the heavenlies. To perceive anointings, and participate in the manifestation of His Kingdom in the earth. Encourage others to rise up into their Destiny. Use 3rd Heaven authority in intercession and spiritual warfare.

We are a Supernatural people! And the greatest calling of all: To walk in Love and live in the Glory. God desires to demonstrate Himself to the world through you.  

So many people today are looking for God, and not sure where to find Him. But when we choose to live in the Glory, people can see it! They experience it! They not only experience the Glory, but they experience God's Love.

You need to know this: People are already having encounters with 3rd-Heaven, and God is the One initiating it. I believe with all my heart that this will be the impetus of Revival over the next decade.

I press toward the goal for the prize of the upward call of God in Christ Jesus.  Phil.3:14

Watch for 'Suddenlies'

Remember the dreams and visions the Holy Spirit has given you over the years. Think about the desires that are deep in your heart. Think about the stirrings in your spirit.

Those dreams and desires were placed there by God. Those are God-given hopes and dreams. Destiny is running through your veins. Eternity is in your DNA!

It’s God’s will for you to be successful, joyful, and a testimony of His goodness for all the world to see. It's time to stand up in spiritual dominion. Speak them into existence with prophetic authority. You’re called to create!

Decree a thing, and it shall be established for you... Job 22:28    

Now watch for the 'suddenlies.' Participate with Heaven and remember who you are in Christ.

The Word and the Spirit

Be a person of the Word and the Spirit. This will bring you into proper alignment with Heaven's plans for you at this juncture.  

It has never been more important to know God’s Word. As Jesus takes His body into 3rd Heaven encounters, our understanding of God’s Word is the foundation that keeps us safe and scriptural.

So search the scriptures on the subject of spiritual authority. Spend time in His Presence and let Him make it real to you.  

The more you spend time with Him, the more you recognize the ‘form of the Lord.’ Ask Him for discerning of spirits. 3rd Heaven people are not to be tossed about by every wind of doctrine. Make sure you study to show yourself approved, a workman that needs not be ashamed.

Know the Word of God. But don’t be afraid of the spiritual realm either! Trust Him to set things in order.


 The 'angel of acceleration' has been dispatched to speed up your Day of Destiny. It really is time for suddenlies. Receive this! Stop waiting & start receiving!         

Ck and I turned a major corner in November, 2011, and for us the New Season began. The New Day is here. It’s the season of Apostolic Grace and Acceleration of Covenant promises. God is keeping His good Word to you at this time.

So stay in step with Him. Your Destiny matters to Him even more than it matters to you!

Don’t Let Religion Rip You Off

Let no one bewitch you with Legalism, Religion or traditions of men. Religious control stops the flow of blessings. God doesn’t manifest His Glory through Religion. He is abounding towards you with Grace! Everything God does in your life is by Grace! 

Jesus paid the price with His own Blood. He paid it all, so that you could freely receive His Love and blessings. Receive by Faith and Grace. Not by your own ability to ‘keep the rules.’  

God’s people have been burdened with the demands of Religion. ‘Religion-ism.’ Those demands keep you from the great joy of walking in your Destiny.  

Religion tells you you must ‘earn’ the blessing of God. Religion requires you to prove your worth. There’s an underlying assumption that you are somehow 'disqualified' to be blessed!

Legalism and Religion are cruel taskmasters. The concept of earning God’s approval by your own good works is unscriptural and out of order. I've watched as spirits of religious Control & Manipulation bully the people of God. Those are mean spirits and sadly, they're alive and well in the church world today.

And not just in the traditional religious system. But in Charismatic churches. And many 'new, cutting-edge' Prophetic/Apostolic groups! The SAME underlying, controlling spirit. Placing people under condemnation. Driving them away from the Presence of God. Misrepresenting Christ.  

Many of these groups are quite territorial. Elitist groups that don't believe in or teach Godly authority or submission to the Word of God. They don't respect the five-fold ministry as gifts from Jesus to the Body. Members of their congregations are tossed to and fro by every new prophet and wind of doctrine. This truly grieves the Father’s heart.

Jesus paid it all to give us His authority and continue His assignment. To represent Him in the Earth. Not to run around, constantly looking for answers to our own felt needs.

He said, Go into all the world and preach the Gospel to every creature! Make disciples of all nations!

Disciples unto what? The latest fad in the church world? No! Disciples unto Jesus and His Word. Point people towards Jesus. Help them receive Him into their lives. Encourage them to accept Jesus as their Lord!

…As many as received Him, to them gave He the power to become the sons of God, even to them that believe on His name. John 1:12

Souls are literally in the balance over this. Years ago, the Lord instructed us to set the captives free from this. Then He placed a breaker anointing on us, for that purpose.

Stand Fast!

Please let me encourage you: Stand fast in the Liberty, and stand solidly on God's Word. Stand strong in your faith, and boldly enjoy the Presence of God.

As the Darkness grows darker in the world, Jesus – the Light of the world – is shining brighter and brighter. Live for Jesus, no matter what.  

His will is to manifest Himself through you. Don’t be afraid of that. Embrace it! Believe it, receive it, and stand.

Then rise up as 3rd Heaven people and see the Glory of the Lord with your own eyes. He wants to flow through YOU. Yield to the Spirit of God. Heaven is going to invade this Earth through you. Embrace your New Day! Stand fast!

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