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You Are Loved, Accepted
and Valued!

Addressing the Human Need
for Significance

by Mike Thompson

Humanity's Greatest Need…

If I were to define what I felt was the greatest need of humanity, I'd have to say:
finding love, acceptance and value.  People need to feel loved, accepted and valued
for who they are.  We also have a deep need to feel significant in life.  
Let me explain what I mean.

When God created Adam and Eve, they lived in a state of complete confidence
with Him.  But when they sinned, Adam and Eve lost their spiritual union with God, and
were removed from His garden.

This spiritual separation left humankind feeling desperately insignificant.  Having
once lived in fellowship with God, they had been secure.  Confident in His family.  Now
they had to face and cope with their own sinful nature.

The history of the human race has taken two paths since Adam's fall -
a "natural" path and a "spiritual" one.

The Natural, Earthly Path…

The natural road has always been motivated by men and women's deep longing
to be "somebody."  To have an impact on their world, making it worthwhile to have
even lived this life.

This is what significance is all about: You were created with a need to be loved,
accepted and valued.  So people fall prey to seeking that significance through  
1) their own accomplishments, and/or  2) associating themselves with someone else
who seems important.

Earthly Things Cannot Fill Spiritual Needs…

Money, fame, social standing, recognition and power are perceived to bring
significance to your life.  People spend years and years trying to fill their spiritual
needs with these things.  The problem is, earthly things cannot fill spiritual needs.

Ask anyone who is considered successful by this world's standards.  Politicians,
movie stars, great scientists, financial magnates.  If you could take them aside privately
and ask them, "Do you feel your need for significance is being fulfilled?"

The honest ones would tell you NO.  Money and prestige do not produce love,
acceptance and value.  In fact, they might tell you they've had their share of flatterers,
phony friends and those who'd love to exploit them: people attempting to fill their
own need for significance
by their association with them!

In the end, everyone is still left empty and frustrated.  Many actually feel more
inadequate and lonely than ever.  This is why so many people turn to drugs, alcohol,
even suicide.  

It’s an attempt to escape this desperation.

The Spiritual Road…

History's second path is a spiritual one.  Within this path, you find God's plan
to bring humanity back into fellowship with Himself; and in the process, restore perfect
love, acceptance and value.

Our heavenly Father devised the plan of salvation so that this restoration of
fellowship and significance could take place:

God's own son, Jesus Christ, became a man in order to purchase your
redemption.  Through His death and resurrection, you have access to spiritual union
with God.

In other words, Jesus identified Himself with you on earth, so that when you
put your faith in Him, you can identify yourself with Him in heaven!

Your heart's desire for significance is a spiritual desire.  It can only be fulfilled
in Jesus Christ.

It doesn't matter how much money or education you have. Age, physical appearance,
gender or race have nothing to do with it.  You are valuable in every stage of life,
because your significance rests in God!

Find Out Who You Are in Christ…

 When you look to other people or things to find your value, your significance
can be cast into the mud.  But when you find out who you are in Christ Jesus, your heart
can soar to the heavens!  You are God's own child!  

How do you find out? Get connected with God’s Word. It’s all contained in the Bible!  
Check out the Gospel of John.  Then read 1st, 2nd & 3rd John. The books about
Light, Love and Life.  It’s all about His Love for YOU.

He loves you with an everlasting love. He accepts you unconditionally into the
beloved.  The only measure of your value is the shed blood of Jesus Christ Himself.  

You are completely significant in Him!

Not an Attempt to Gain Significance…

 I'll never forget the day an enormous weight was removed from my life. It was
the day I began to realize this truth.

I discovered that, as a person, I am valued and loved by God. My choices in life
are now a result of that significance, not an attempt to gain significance.

Get hold of that!  God loves you for who you are, not for what you do.  
Your own works can never increase your value to God. He already loves you completely,
because of the redeeming work of Jesus Christ.

Let This Become Reality for You…

I pray that as you read this, you discover this truth for yourself.  
YOU are loved completely. YOU are valued by GOD Himself. Nothing can ever
separate you from His perfect love.  

Love casts out the fear of standing in His presence.  There’s no more fear of
rejection or punishment.

Jesus paid it all for YOU.  You are fully, absolutely and completely loved.  
Allow yourself to rest in that. Let the Holy Spirit indelibly imprint it upon your heart.  
Your life will never be the same.  And it's all because of Jesus.  

Once you find your significance in Him, it sets you free to fulfill the
dreams, desires and destiny God has placed within you!  

You WILL have the impact on your world you were created to have!  
And you'll do it from a place of strength.


 "Behold what manner of love the Father has bestowed on us,
that we should be called children of God!…"   
(I John 3:1)

 "…to the praise of the glory of His grace,
by which He made us accepted in the Beloved."   
(Ephesians 1:6)

 "…knowing that you were not redeemed with corruptible things,
like silver and gold… but with the precious blood of Christ…"     

 (I Peter 1:18,19)

© 1990 Mike Thompson Ministries
(Article updated 2014)

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