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Stand Up To Jezebel!
and Choose Life…

by Mike & Ck Thompson

A major shift has occurred in the heavenlies over America. Is that an understatement or what?

Powerful realignment is occurring in the spiritual realm! God is setting things in order – in America and in the lives of His people. Are you ready to cross a significant threshold into your own Destiny?

Jesus is calling us to recognize the form of the Lord. (Num.12:8)  He's calling us to follow Him into the future, but each person has a choice to make. (Deut. 30:19-20)

The Lord says Choose Life! Make the choice to actually walk into your Destiny today. Revival and spiritual awakening are breaking out all around you! But here's the thing: Your choice determines your level of participation.

Also right now, it's important to know: Your greatest challenge will be standing against Jezebel spirits. There are two main types of "Jezebel."

1. The POLITICAL ruling spirit of Jezebel. We see it controlling the radical FAR LEFT in America. It's the root cause of the current upheaval in our country.

The discord is intense, unreasonable and violent, because of the RULING SPIRIT behind it. Jezebel is driving it. You can feel it in the atmosphere. That's why the media is so confused. This is a manifestation of spiritual warfare. God's people must understand this.

In the Bible, Jezebel was a Phoenician princess and a high priestess of Baal (Satan.) She was also the queen of Israel because of her marriage to King Ahab. She usurped Ahab's authority, and used it to force her own demonic agenda upon the nation. And she hated God's prophets. Does that sound familiar?

The assault on America is a spiritual one. It's demonic. You can't reason with a demonic spirit or the people under its control. You have to pray it out. Cast it out!

"Choosing Life," then, means choosing to take your authority in Christ. You are sons of God – 3rd heaven

people! You have the name and authority of Jesus, and the Lord needs you to use it that authority.

The gates of hell shall not prevail against you, because greater is He that is in YOU than he that is in the world. Greater is Christ in you than Jezebel in the world. You are a vessel carrying the Kingdom wherever you go.
"On earth as it is in heaven."

Jezebel would like America to be "on earth as it is in hell." God wants us to stand up to that! Take your position in Christ, and don't allow it! That's part of Choosing Life.

2. The RELIGIOUS face of Jezebel. This is slightly different, but just as wicked. It can manipulate and control individuals, families, and even entire churches.

Jesus himself had something to say about it!
"I have this against you: You tolerate that woman Jezebel, who calls herself a prophetess..." (Rev.2:20)

Believers, be aware of this spirit! Don't tolerate it in any way, shape or form. No matter how sweet or spiritual a person presents themselves.

Jezebel disdains godly authority. It loves to "have the preeminence." It looks for inroads of influence. It is slick and sneaky. It knows how to look good, say the right things. You need to be discerning, and trust your heart.

Jezebel usurps godly authority. It insinuates its way into people's lives. Into families and ministries. Many precious ones have been deceived and betrayed by Jezebel. Lives have been destroyed!

It happens far too often, especially in churches where leaders are inexperienced in dealing with this spirit.

Jezebel infiltrates Spirit-filled, charismatic, and even prophetic churches. She's pretty comfortable there. Jesus said, "She calls herself a prophetess..."

Here's how it works: It often starts out by flattering the leaders, while sneaking around "counseling" or "ministering to" the people with no regard for the pastor. He probably doesn't know.

Jezebel "cuts people off from the herd." Then condescends to them, messes with their heads, and violates their boundaries. It's confusing. It makes them ignore their own internal alarm system! (The voice of the Holy Spirit.) Jezebel gets people to not trust their own heart.

Left unchecked, Jezebel would take control of a whole church! The anointing leaves, and it's a wicked mess. Every pastor has to deal with it. But some pastors won't.

Jezebel can turn people against their pastors, turn wives against their husbands, children against their parents.

Jezebel hates godly authority. It's a scary situation.

So when we talk about the "Religious System," this is part of what we're talking about. (Pharisee is also involved, but this article is about Jezebel.)

There's no Revelation in that system. Jezebel just wants to control people and "turns the lights off" in their hearts. Jezebel takes advantage of people's good hearts. That's why discernment is vital. We can't afford to be naive.

Here's the ultimate goal of a Jezebel spirit: To totally shut down the authentic move of the Holy Spirit, especially Revival and Spiritual Awakening. Jezebel wants to de-activate your ministry.

Jezebel is not now – and never will be – your friend.

(This isn't an all-inclusive description, but we hope it helps.)

So as prophets of God, we entreat you: Body of Christ! Choose Life! Be aware of Jezebel at this time. Choose to take a stand and walk in heavenly authority. This is your day to do that!

Remember Jesus loves you!  He's on your side. You are BETTER than all that Jezebel stuff!  And He'll help you take a stand. Too many hearts have been damaged by this spirit. The Lord says, "Stand up to it."

You're called to be 3rd-heaven people. To fulfill your God-given dreams, heart-to-heart with Jesus. This is Life-giving. This is the Day you were created for!

Jesus' blood paid it all.  Experience the joy of walking in your Destiny firsthand! Salvation. Healing. Prosperity. He's even redeeming your Time! Destiny is in your DNA, crying out to be fulfilled.

God's plan is to turn the lights back on in your heart, and de-throne Jezebel on every level. His agenda is to pour out a mighty Revival in our country.

People! We are eye-witnesses of the future! The Lord took Mike up and showed him the Revival to come. It's already hanging in the atmosphere over America. God's Glory is set to be released on Earth like never before!  The coming Revival is supernatural. There will be a great harvest of souls!

The Lord is opening doors of opportunity for you: Financially, socially, in your health and every which way. The Sword of Justice has been released. Angels have been dispatched to carry it out. Believe it, and let your heart be encouraged. This is your Day of Destiny! Choose Life!

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