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Why We Are
the Way We Are

By Ck Thompson

In 2006 the Lord said, “It’s time for Mike to rise up and take his position. Not only as a Prophet but as an Apostle, because that’s what he is and his season is here.”

The Lord said it to him very straight. And again in May, 2006: “It’s time to rise up and take your position and put on that mantle, because it takes those gifts to complete what God is doing on this planet.

“We’re coming up on the culmination of all things, and I cannot do it without the Apostle and the Prophet taking their place in confidence and boldness. 

“Whether the church world likes it or not. Whether Pharisee likes it or not. And Pharisee is the biggest persecutor of the Apostle, and especially of the Prophet.”

The Lord said, “Stand up and take your place. Who cares if they persecute you? They’re doing it already because of the prophetic anointing that’s on you. Take up the mantle and BE who you ARE. Put it on and walk in it.”

You Have Not Many Fathers

As we entered 2010, the anointing of ‘Apostle’ on Mike has really overtaken him. Again, I’ve always felt in my heart that Mike was different – for well over thirty years now [don’t laugh, you know what I mean!] – but for a long time I couldn’t put my finger on it.  I didn’t know what it was.

In the Traditional church world, people are gathered around denominations and/or doctrines. It’s pretty inflexible. ‘Believe like we do, or hit the road.’

But in the Apostolic church world, people are drawn to and gathered around spiritual fathers (Apostles). The anointing on that Apostle is the ‘grace’ in which his church/ministry operates. Flexibility is allowed. There’s freedom to find your gifting and passion, under the safety of the apostolic anointing.

It is powerful and freeing. It ‘turns the lights on’ in your heart. And this is where God is releasing His glory!

The Call to Take Up Your Cross

So now it is [2014!] and here we are in Las Vegas. Mike and I are more determined than ever to preach the Gospel – the Word and the Spirit – and bring restoration to God’s people. We’ve ‘set our faces like flint’ to obey God, just as Jesus set His face like flint towards the Cross.

The call in the Spirit is clear. ‘Take up your cross and follow Me.’  Our reply has always been ‘Yes, Lord.’ Even now we renew our commitment before Him and the body of Christ. We’ll never stop doing what He called us to do.

Here’s the thing about taking up your cross: People you love don’t always understand your calling. But you can’t turn away from what you’re called to do. So stand on the Word, with your eyes on Jesus, and keep going.

Mike and I know from experience how painful it can be when people don’t understand. Sometimes they have a different agenda for us. But it’s imperative that we follow God’s orders, not man’s expectations. Souls are in the balance!

A lot of people are making choices right now.  And the choices they make will position them for the days ahead.  This is serious business.  They need to make sure they’re hearing from God and not the pressure of men.

“For if I yet pleased men, I should not be the servant of Christ.” (Gal 1:10) When you make that kind of commitment, the Lord takes up your cause.

The Lord has brought us to this place!  Mike and I stand before you by God’s mercy, grace and kindness. Our purpose in life is to fulfill the destiny to which He has called us.

The call is to all of us, every person. Sometimes you think your own destiny doesn’t matter. But it does. Every single one of you.  Souls are in the balance and eternity is at stake for so many!

We don’t have the luxury of doing our own thing. We don’t have the luxury of floating through life, disregarding the heart-cry of a generation that doesn’t know Jesus. A fatherless, broken generation, desperate for His touch.  Desperate to know Him in reality, not religion.

Time is short.  People need to realize the seriousness of the hour.

It’s important to stay connected to God’s Word and walk by what He shows you in your heart.  (That’s what Prophets do. We see at least five-ten or more years in the future. We’re ahead of our time, and some people think we’re nuts.  Trust me, I’m used it!)

The Overlap Period

We’re coming up on the culmination of all things. We’re on the ‘cusp.’ We’re in the overlap period between the Church Age and eternity itself.

Just like when Jesus walked on this planet. They were in the overlap period between the Old Covenant and the New. They were still in the Old Covenant, but they were able to ‘tap into’ the blessings of the New Covenant.

Likewise, we’re still in the dispensation of the Holy Spirit, but eternity is overlapping. We can now tap into things – we can reach into eternity and lay hold of blessings that no other generation could lay hold of. We can walk in it by faith now.

The sons of God are rising up to do it. No other generation has been able to do this! Our hearts should be on fire! It should be burning in our bones!

Special Anointings & the Prophet’s Reward

One thing also happening is opposition from the Religious spirit that’s in the church world. It’s so anti- the move of the Spirit of God.  You know it grieves the Lord’s heart that some of His own children just don’t get it. They still don’t understand the ways of the Spirit.

Pastor Bill Johnson (of Bethel in Redding, CA) says that the ‘Civil War’ about to break out in the church world is over the goodness of the Love of God.

So we’re not just dealing with opposition from the enemy.  Sadly, we have to deal with opposition from our own brothers.  We’ve got to watch out for ‘friendly fire.’  Some of them are back there shooting at us!

But the Spirit of the Prophetic & Apostolic is taking us and raising us up. Jesus is giving us strength and courage to go forward!  He’s taking it personally.

Realize also, it’s time for supernatural youth and supernatural finances to flow. God released these two breaker anointings to preserve His people supernaturally in this season. These anointings are part of the outpouring of the Holy Spirit for this generation.

So I want to say to you:  When you give an offering to this ministry, here’s what’s happening:  You’re giving into your own future and destiny!  It is the season for the Prophet’s reward. It has been cranked up!  It’s a supernatural breaker anointing.  Expect it and watch for it!

When the enemy comes in like a flood, the Spirit of the Lord will lift up a standard against it. These breaker anointings are part of that standard!

My Prayer for You

Father, in the name of Jesus, I’ve shared what You’ve put on my heart.  I ask that You would send holy fire into the hearts of Your people.

I ask that You would send revelation and cause passion to burn in their hearts for Jesus and for what You’re doing on planet Earth at this time.

Lord God, I pray that every person associated with this ministry would understand WHY we are THE WAY we are.  And give each one a powerful revelation of WHY THEY ARE the way THEY are!  Send them special blessings, powerful encounters with You, and amazing answers to prayer.  And pour out the anointings for supernatural finances and supernatural youth upon each one.  Especially those who graciously sow into this ministry.  Bless their socks off, Lord!

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