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Merry Christmas 2020
- a Word from the Lord!

by Ck Thompson

(photo taken at Bellagio
Conservatory & Botanical Gardens,
Las Vegas, NV, 2019)

The Lord says MERRY CHRISTMAS. Good news is coming. This is a Word!

I've heard "Merry Christmas" in my spirit for months now. There's just something about Christmas this year. Watch and see.

Did you know God loves Christmas? I didn't know that until recently. Religious people have sucked the joy out of it for so long.

(And honestly, I don't care about the "right date" and other silliness. That's legalism.

That's a religious spirit. God doesn't care about that. "To the pure all things are pure." So knock it off! Be a joyful person for a change! LOL)

God loves Christmas! It's about Jesus, and Hark the Herald Angels Sing, and proclaiming Good News! People's hearts are tender.


The Lord wants to redeem 2020 for you and your family. People are depressed right now. You've been shut down all year.

It's time to rise up! Decorate your house! Put up some lights. Decorate the tree. Celebrate Jesus! Do it by faith! As an act of spiritual warfare.

There's an ANOINTING on Christmas this year.

Those old Christmas carols... You need them. They are "anchors" for your soul. Get them out and play them. See what happens.

People! Jesus cares about everything you're going through. And there is Good News coming! Hallelujah! Believe it and receive it. There's Joy on the other side.


"Because of JESUS, Heaven is Open to You!"

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