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Get Ready for
the Massive Transfer

Body of Christ! Doors of Opportunity
Are Now Opening for You!

by Mike & Ck Thompson

What a great day to be alive! Even when the world is in chaos, it is Destiny time for the Body of Christ!

If you look around at the protests, riots, Hollywood, etc., it may seem like "solidarity" for the leftist agenda. But rest assured, it's just a few people making a lot of noise. Those in media don't paint an accurate picture of what's really happening in America... because they don't know what's happening!

Do you realize what we are witnessing? I call it the Clash of the Billionaires! Pres. Donald Trump – one billionaire – has been raised up to defeat the agenda of another billionaire – George Soros.

Of course, that's in the natural realm. Here's what they represent in the spiritual realm.

Remember when the Lord took me up, and archangel Michael showed me the blanket of fog over the United States? He called it the spirit of antichrist, as well as the spirit of the world.

At that time, the Lord told me to tell the people: "This is antichrist's will for America: Secularism, hedonism, false religions, witchcraft, deceiving spirits, hopelessness, cares of this world. These things dull the spiritual vision of the soul. They induce spiritual fatigue and sleepiness on the people. It's setting the nation adrift."

Later Michael told me: "...Jesus has strategically positioned you in Las Vegas. You have a unique assignment. He is drawing you into the 'grid' with other prophetic warrior ministries across the country. Using the tools God has given you, teach God's people about 3rd-heaven authority!"

Here's the simplicity of God's plan:  "It takes the wind of God's Spirit to blow away the fog.
But it requires 3rd-heaven authority to destroy the 'Fog Machine.'"

The spirit of antichrist (I saw it associated with Mr. Soros) is basically the "Fog Machine." It's operating through Soros and people like him. They use their wealth to finance it. And under cover of the Fog, they've attempted to take apart and redefine America as a socialist, secularist, atheistic country.

#1.  Mass Migration. The plan to change America's identity by encouraging open borders and blurred geographical boundaries. It's a plan they've worked on for years, and continue to push in North America.

The point is to change the culture of a country, and make it easier to gain political control. Mass migration was fairly effective in Europe, until the Brits stood up to it via Brexit. (Holy Spirit moved on people to take a stand.)

The reason mass migration is "antichrist" is because it takes away personal identity. It devalues the God-given destiny of individuals. Plus, it diverts the destinies of entire countries. God made promises to the founding fathers of many nations. He intends to keep His Word to them in the days ahead. That means Revival.

Mass Migration is not part of Revival.

#2.  Globalization. Amassing and employing huge amounts of wealth to manipulate economies of otherwise sovereign nations. (For instance, Thailand's government called George Soros a "financial terrorist" for nearly collapsing their economy.)

The reason it's "antichrist" is because they're trying to force a one-world secular, humanistic government. They don't believe in Revival, and certainly don't want one. They believe they are their own god.

It's not only wicked, but usurps God's plans and promises to the nations.

These things matter! We serve a Covenant-making, promise-keeping God! His answer is always Revival.

Globalization is not part of Revival.

Please follow me on this: As they pursued their agenda for decades, it seemed to be taking over... up to this point.

But God had a different plan. Every believer needs to know this: God raised up a billionaire, Donald Trump.  (The Holy Spirit moved on people to take a stand.)

He is NOT associated with the spirit of antichrist, or the dragon, or the Fog Machine.

God raised him up because he understands authority. He listens to the Lord. Mr. Trump is a praying man, and he has specifically asked for our prayers.

God's plan is not only to stop this antichrist agenda in its tracks, but to take back all that has been amassed... I'm talking about the power, the influence, the control... the wealth of the sinner! And transfer it back to the people. Especially the people of God!

"... the wealth of the sinner is laid up for the just." (Prov. 13:22)

Note: President Trump is not a sinner. He is by no means perfect! But God calls him a righteous man. “Do not call something unclean if God has made it clean. “ (Acts 10:15)

God plans to keep His word to America's founding fathers. He's raising up new leaders in our government who will honor the Lord Jesus Christ, and value our Constitution. Souls are in the balance over it!

Keep in mind, this is about Revival, not politics! The Kingdom of Heaven is invading Earth.

The Lord is changing the atmosphere over our country. God's Glory is set to be released on Earth like never before.  

People! I am an eye-witness of the future! The Lord took me up and showed me the Revival to come. It's already hanging in the atmosphere.

The coming Revival is supernatural and cannot be politically legislated. And so the lines are drawn in the sand. That's why it seems like chaos right now. All of this public anger and violence (from supposed "tolerant, loving people") is because the things they trust are draining away...

Body of Christ! Doors of opportunity are now opening for you: Financially, socially, health-wise, every which way. The Sword of Justice has been released. Believe it and be encouraged! This is your Day of Destiny!

"And you shall remember the LORD your God, for it is He who gives you power to get wealth, that He may establish His covenant which He swore to your fathers, as it is this day."


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