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A prophetic message from
Mike & Ck Thompson

HAPPY NEW ERA from Mike & Ck!

2021 is finally here and a new Christian era has already begun! God is raising up His "prophetic resistance movement" and it's not just for the 2020 Election. This is the beginning of the move of God we've been waiting for.

Remember the vision of the Supernatural Clock? (Watch it here) Well the time is now!

While we’ve been fighting the fight, Jesus has been pouring out the Holy Spirit in an amazing way. God’s people are regaining their strength. People are being revived and healed. He was so subtle, many didn’t recognize it. We were busy praying/warring in the Spirit over America & the Nations, and we didn't notice it at first.

But people, it’s time to NOTICE. The glory of God is falling all over the world.

His glory has begun to cover the Earth, and the Kingdom of Heaven is now being superimposed over the governments of men. That’s why there’s such spiritual warfare, like we’ve never encountered before. And it’s not over. But that’s what the “prophetic resistance movement” is about. It is a new season – a new ERA that we have come into. It will take some years. But remember that God wins!

As the angel in the vision said, “Here they come! Here they come!” The greatest influx of souls coming to Jesus that has ever occurred on Planet Earth. They’re coming to Him by the multitudes. It has begun. Watch and see. What an honor to be alive at this time in history.

It’s seems like “Happy New Year” just doesn’t do it justice.


Jesus IS Lord. Glory to God!

This warfare is not over, beloved. But take courage and keep your eyes on Jesus. We’re praying for you.
The Lion of the tribe of Judah has prevailed!

God loves you, and the best is yet to come!

Mike & Ck Thompson

and Bryan David Thompson

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