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Fellowship of
 Spirit-Filled Ministries

Mike Thompson              PO Box 231615              Las Vegas, NV   89105              Office Phone:  702-506-1624

Mike Thompson, head apostle

   FSFM is a growing association of ministers from various backgrounds across the US, who are dedicated to Spirit-filled ministry and intent on hosting the Glory of God on Planet Earth.

  Our mission is to help ministers who demonstrate an authentic call of God on their life. To be a source of strength and help in fulfilling God’s purposes through:

       Apostolic and Prophetic oversight

       Licensure and Ordination for independent ministers


       Encouragement in the Word

       Prayer support


       Power of agreement.

   Providing an environment of mutual respect for each ministry, we endeavor to hear what the Lord is saying to the Spirit-filled church at large. Timely articles, CDs or DVD messages are released as the Lord leads.  

   Attendance of any specific church, or specific meetings, are not a requirement of FSFM.  The only 'requirement' is a humble heart. And agreement with the FSFM Mission, as stated above, and Word of Life’s Statement of Faith.

    Membership applications are available. Annual membership fee is $50.

“The grace (favor and spiritual blessing) of the Lord Jesus Christ

and the love of God and the presence and fellowship

(the communion and sharing together, and participation)

in the Holy Spirit be with you all.”

(II Corinthians 13:14  Amplified)

 If you are interested in FSFM, please contact Mike here.

Please note, FSFM membership is ONLY available in the United States at this time.