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A Heavenly Dream:
The ‘Moving Mountains’

Are you laboring over prayers
that have already been answered?

A prophetic dream by Ck Thompson

     I had a dream that will stir your heart.

     An angel took me up and set me high on a beautiful green hill, overlooking a huge mountain range. Other angels were sitting nearby. (They seemed feminine to me, which I thought was odd. Most angels I see look masculine.)

     As I observed the mountain range, the angel encouraged me to look CLOSER. So I leaned out and LOOKED.

     (I remembered way back, the Lord told me, "SEE what you're called to see, and SAY what you're called to  say.") So I really looked at these mountains in order to SEE what I was called up there to SEE!

     Suddenly I noticed the mountains were MOVING. At first glance, they APPEARED to be solidly attached to the ground, as usual. But on closer inspection, I noticed they were sliding back and forth.

     They were NOT ATTACHED TO THE GROUND. The mountains had no roots! And the angel said, "The Lord has laid the ax to the root." Their very appearance was nothing but a lying vanity!

     No longer attached at the root, they could easily be shoved aside. So I tried kicking one out of the way... and it just SLID out of sight! Into the sea, I suppose, because that's where I cast mountains! So then I really started sliding mountains out of the way.  

     At one point I got carried away and leaned out too far. The angel stuck her arm straight out and caught me (like my mom used to do when I was a child sitting beside her in the car.) The angel said, "Be careful or you'll fall right through!" So I backed up a little bit, making sure my feet were solidly on the  green hill. (Always stay grounded on the Word!) Then I went back to sliding those mountains around.

     There was quite a bit more to this dream, including a silver vending cart (provision... lots of food!) And some personal instructions to me about our ministry.

     But the Lord wanted me to know: All the years of spiritual warfare and intercession had truly made a  difference. The devil didn't want me to SEE that those particular mountains had no roots. He wanted me to keep rebuking them, even though I didn't NEED to anymore!


     It's important to recognize answered prayer. Sometimes we get so busy doing warfare, we don't notice something has changed. Something has SHIFTED. The hard part is over now. It's a new season, in that particular area. Just kick THAT mountain out of the way and receive the answer.

     The principle goes like this: God is ALWAYS abounding towards you with everything you need. "Agape" Love never stops abounding towards you. He IS Love. He thinks great loving thoughts towards  you... Yes, YOU. God initiates good things and never stops ABOUNDING.  

     In this case, Mountains represent strongholds, demonic assignments, or sometimes just circumstances in  this life. Mountains set themselves BETWEEN you and the answers that are ABOUNDING towards you. That's why Jesus told His disciples to SPEAK to the mountain: "Be removed and cast into the sea. And don't doubt in your heart."


     Doubting in your heart comes from looking at the mountains too long, and not looking at God's Word. He can't lie, you know. Seriously, God is incapable of lying. He doesn't say something one day, and then change His mind the next. He's not a wishy-washy God!

     When YOU speak to mountains in Jesus' name, it's the same as Jesus doing it Himself. He gave you authority to speak to mountains. They're required to obey you. He also gave you authority to cast out demons, speak in tongues, and lay hands on the sick so they can recover. And He said "these signs shall follow those who believe." Are you a believer? Then in Jesus' name, YOU do it. (He really did say that!)

     It concerns me when people "play at" the prophetic. Especially if they don't understand authority. It's not all fun and games, folks. Although it is true... there's laughter, joy and tears in the Glory. And I'm usually the first one to get "drunk" in the Spirit, stumble around or hit the floor! Okay yeah, sometimes it IS like fun and games!! BUT -- and that's a BIG "BUT" -- God is doing powerful things in our lives. In that  freedom -- in that atmosphere! It can be very serious business. Eternal business! Destiny-related. But GOD is doing it, so we get to enjoy it. (Acts 2:13-21)

     (Well THAT was a little rabbit trail, wasn't it...?)

     Ok, I'm back… All I have to do is TALK about the Glory and HE SHOWS UP. And I get  goofy....(Alright, YOU try writing this! Ha! God bless every person reading this right now!)

     The LORD "does nothing unless He tells His servants the prophets first." He needs trustworthy prophetic people AND trustworthy prophets (there's a difference) to speak His plans into the atmosphere. If you  don't know God's Word -- or don't know His heart -- you might speak some weird stuff that'll come back and bite you in the butt! Don't let the enemy of your soul use the power of your words like that.

     And for Heaven's sake, stop siding with the devil against yourself!

     Ok, back to the Moving Mountains! It's time to go out there and KICK THOSE MOUNTAINS RIGHT OUT OF YOUR WAY.

     Here's another word: God is causing ALL GRACE TO ABOUND towards you, so that YOU -- always having  all sufficiency in all things -- MAY ABOUND to every good work. This is a quote from Corinthians. Apostle Paul was talking about finances. Money! (There! I said it.) Paul called it a "GRACE." He said, "I  want you to ABOUND IN THIS GRACE ALSO."  

     Feed on 2 Corinthians 8 & 9 if you need financial breakthrough. Because it IS God's will for you to  prosper, AND He's given you the financial Grace to do it. Get. A. Hold. Of. That.

     (Hm... Another rabbit trail... I think NOT! I think it's GOD... Yes indeed.)

     So kick away every mountain standing between you and His abounding Grace! Knock them down! Cast them into the sea!

     Realize how much your prayers make a difference. Go back and take a look at your worst mountains. God says the ax has been laid to the root of that thing! Give it a good kick! Tell it to "Be removed  
 and cast into the sea, in Jesus' name!"  

     Don't be afraid to walk in Godly authority. Be bold. Jesus purchased that authority for YOU!  

     Now laugh at the devil! Seriously, I mean it. Lighten up! Quit griping. You need to laugh more! Long-standing prayers are being answered! Everything you need is abounding towards you. Mountains are  moving out of your way. Heaven is OPEN to you! Let it rain on you!

     YOU have great faith. You are literally grabbing hold of your inheritance and transferring it from the unseen realm into your life! Now THAT is good news!

     May you be strengthened and encouraged by these words. Always remember God loves you with a Love that is inexpressible.  YOUR LIFE MATTERS. Now go have a good laugh and praise the Lord for it!

© 2014  Mike Thompson Ministries

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