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The Divine Mark
of Generosity & Prosperity

Ck Thompson shares excerpts from Dreams & Visions

Seeing & Hearing in the Spirit…

       The Lord surprised me with a series of dreams & visions beginning in January, 2000. He began talking to me about a Supernatural Anointing for Finances. He specifically told me it was a breaker anointing He was dispatching to the Spirit-filled Body of Christ, in order to fulfill our individual assignments from heaven in the days ahead.
       You need to know, this issue really matters to God! YOUR financial situation (including your belief system/doctrinal views regarding money) has a great impact on your ability to obey God and bring in the harvest of souls at this time.
       Our enemy, Satan, has gone to great lengths to keep God’s people in the Dark regarding money. He knows that ONCE YOU ARE SET FREE FINANCIALLY, the end is near for him!
       Here are some powerful words from the Lord, regarding His will for your financial situation. God continues to talk to me about this matter through dreams & visions, and outright face-to-face encounters. I pray that you will hear with your heart, and be open to what God wants to do in YOUR life.

The ‘3rd-heaven’ Church and
the Divine Mark of Generosity & Prosperity

       The Lord has released a new portion of Glory upon us! He’s calling us to be ‘3rd-heaven’
people. People who participate with the hosts of heaven in worship and prayer before the throne of God. A 3rd-heaven church!

       (Explanation: 2nd-heaven is the atmosphere above us where spiritual warfare takes place. The Bible speaks of principalities, powers, rulers of the darkness of this age, wicked spirits in heavenly places. [Eph.6] When we pray and push through 2nd-heaven activity, we can experience glorious encounters with the Lord in the 3rd-heaven.)

       I know! I’ve been there many times in dreams and visions. It’s new to some people, but the Lord Jesus is initiating 3rd-heaven encounters with His people on planet Earth.

       He said: Seek Me – look to Me. Take up your cross and follow Me.

       Then He connected it to finances: ‘Generosity’ is a characteristic of the Father’s heart. I’m asking you to ACT like Me. I am the original Giver.

      The Supernatural Anointing for Finances is a breaker anointing. It starts in your heart. When you open your heart – when you believe and receive this anointing – it breaks down strongholds.

       The act of giving breaks open your own finances. And it does something powerful to your heart. It changes your way of life. It actually changes the way you experience life. It causes you to become generous and even zealous for souls.

       The spirit of Giving – the spirit of Generosity – is a supernatural sign of a 3rd-heaven church. It is a Divine mark. God desires to mark you with financial signs and wonders.

       Listen to the Spirit of God and be bold. Be obedient.

       Be generous towards the Lord and uphold His ministries financially. This carries the prophet’s reward. A hundred-fold return, plus the release of ‘Open Heaven’ over your life.

       The Lord said, Obedience is better than sacrifice (outward show.) Many people worship outwardly, but their hearts are far from the Lord. They are afraid to obey. Financial fear has gripped them because they feed on the ‘word of the world’ instead of the Word of God.

      So they may worship loudly on the outside… but their eyes kind of ‘glaze over’ when the Lord asks them to give. This grieves His heart. He desires to set them in a large place financially! He’s waiting for obedience. He’s waiting for us to love what He loves.

      In Joshua 1, we’re told to meditate in God’s Word ‘day and night.’ Throughout the Bible, we’re instructed to remember, meditate on, think on, feed on, study, walk in and surround ourselves with God’s Word. There’s a reason for that! God’s Word is diametrically opposed to the world’s system. In this case, the world’s financial system. God can’t have His people ‘feeding on’ the 24-hr news cycle – i.e., the ‘word of the world’ – when there’s just so much at stake.  

      SOULS ARE IN THE BALANCE over this.

      Please HEAR these words: Millions of people are lost and dying. THEY NEED YOU TO PROSPER, so they can hear the Gospel of Jesus Christ. You are able to ‘send’ the Gospel to them by financially supporting ministries who actively go and preach Jesus. Especially prophetic/ apostolic/ 3rd-heaven ministries who are breaking the power of Darkness off of precious lives.

      Prophetic, 3rd-heaven evangelism is God’s main method of operation at this time. Through prophetic means, Jesus is gaining the attention of this generation.  

      Millions of people were driven away from God by Religion and Legalism. By apathy in the Body of Christ. And by ministries who misrepresent God as cruel, powerless, distant and disinterested.

      CHURCH-ISM has misrepresented God’s heart for far too long. Jesus is not only looking for a 3rd-heaven people, He’s preparing to financially BACK UP His 3rd-heaven people! ‘My sheep hear My voice...’ Are YOU listening to Your Great Shepherd?

       It breaks God’s heart when people settle for smallness – when His people actually WANT a small church. They don’t realize the entire concept of ‘small church’ is the polar opposite of God’s purposes and desires. When we do what we’re called to do, with passion for Jesus and compassion for people, it’s impossible to have a small church! As people respond to the Gospel, they accept Jesus as their Lord and Savior. The ‘Word multiplies’ (as in the Book of Acts.)  

      Bottom line: If you desire ‘smallness,’ then you’ve turned your focus inward, and have lost your vision for souls. If you think ministers or churches shouldn’t have any money, then you’re really saying you don’t care if people hear about Jesus. You don’t care if multitudes are saved! (That sounds a bit harsh, but it’s the sad truth.)

      Plain & simple: Attitudes that begrudge prosperity and growth are ANTI- God’s purposes on planet Earth!  

       The world doesn’t want pastors, churches or YOU to prosper. The world has placed its own ‘religious’ demand on God’s people: ‘Don’t prosper – it’s not ‘humble.’’ On TV they do expose’s on pastors who are prosperous. And many of God’s own people jump on the bandwagon and join the attack against the man of God! God’s own people have bought into this lie!

       It’s a strong deception created by Satan and his minions. Not only to keep YOU broke, but ultimately to keep ministries broke. To create an attitude AGAINST Generosity and Prosperity. The point of this deception: TO KEEP SOULS OUT of the Kingdom of God! To keep the Gospel from being preached!

      This lie, then, keeps many of God’s people from being obedient to Him with their finances. And then they don’t understand why their own hearts’ desires aren’t coming to pass. They’ve created a cycle of disobedience, begrudging, lack of generosity, no prosperity, and ultimately disappointment in their own finances. In actuality, they’re not acting like God. They’re acting like the devil!

       This cycle is not God’s will for His people! This cycle shuts down people’s Vision.

      God’s will is to prosper YOU, and set His Divine Mark of Prosperity on your life. It’s part of the New Season on planet Earth. It’s part of the last days’ transfer of wealth. Of course, the devil doesn’t like it! It’s all about promoting the Kingdom of God! It’s about 3rd-heaven people walking in generosity, prosperity and obedience. It’s vital to understand this!

      If you want the blessings of God in your life, you really do have to open your heart in the realm of finances. Open your heart to HIM.

       Obedience changes everything. It’s at the core of your relationship with God. It creates a 3rd-heaven church. Jesus said, ‘If you love Me, keep My commandments.’ Perfect Love casts out fear. Even financial fear!

      And a big question is: Do you love God more than the world’s economic system? If you ask Him to help you get out of debt, will you obey Him when He asks you to give? This is the KEY.

      Many believers are talking the talk, but are you walking the walk?

       This is the day of a new portion of Glory. Jesus is calling you to be His ‘3rd-heaven’ people.
Make the choice to be part of the 3rd-heaven church, and allow Him to MARK YOU with Generosity and Prosperity. Experience the JOY first-hand! Where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.

      You will experience the great Joy of actually living in your dreams – your Destiny. And your life will never be the same!


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