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Choose Life!

God is Setting Things
in Order!

Prophetic words of encouragement

for 2015

from Mike & Ck Thompson

       A major shift occurred in the heavenlies as we entered 2015.  Did you feel it?

       A powerful re-alignment in the spiritual realm: God is setting things in order in people's lives.
 Are you ready to cross a significant threshold into your Destiny?  


       Jesus is calling all of us to recognize the form of the Lord (Numbers 12:8), and follow Him into the future.
 Each person has a choice to make.
(Deut. 30:19-20)


       Choose Life! Choose to walk in your Destiny!  Revival will begin to break out all around you!  But here's
 the thing:  It creates a "line in the sand," so to speak.  


       Surprisingly, your greatest opposition will come from the Religious system. There's no Revelation there.
 So the system operates by controlling God's people. It'll try to "turn the lights off" in your heart.


       On the other hand, God's plan is to blow Religion out of the water and turn your lights back on! God's plan
 is to bring in a mighty harvest of souls!

       Beloved brothers and sisters! Don't be deceived by Religious spirits, inside or outside the church.
 We can't dance around the issue. Call them what they are:  Legalistic, Fault-Finding, Political, Self-Righteous
 and Critical spirits; as well as Poverty-minded, Fear-mongering, Controlling and Manipulating demons.

      (You can tell we have some pretty strong feelings about it!) Remember Jesus loves you! He is on your side.
 You are BETTER than all that!  And He'll help you take a stand. Because people's hearts have been so damaged
 by this stuff.  He needs all of us to stand up to it.

       You're called to be 3rd-Heaven people! To fulfill your God-given dreams, heart-to-heart with the Lord.
 This is Life-giving. This is what you were created for!

      Jesus' blood purchased everything you need. He wants you to experience the joy of walking
 in your Destiny! Salvation. Healing. Prosperity. He's even redeeming your Time!
 Destiny is in your DNA, crying out to be fulfilled!

Suddenlies!  Financial Release!  Answers to Prayer!  Major Revival!

      There's major Revival coming. Sudden answers to prayer. That's the anointing of this season. Your financial
 harvest is being released. Receive this grace! It's here!

       The Glory of God is intense among us. It's like walking through thick butter.
(Job 29:6)  Living in His Presence,
 you find He supplies everything. Every need. Emotional, physical, financial. And every heart cry.

       And He's calling you to come UP.  Walk with Him in heavenly places. See what He sees. Choose Life!
Jesus wants YOU to make history.  What an honor!

 We Appreciate & Bless You,

 Mike & Ck Thompson

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