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Be Free, Mama!

by Ck Thompson

A prophetic message to Baby Boomer parents
from the Father’s Heart…

To those on good terms with your kids, God bless you!

Here's a message from Ck Thompson to those who are NOT.

Hear the word of the Lord!


Estrangement from adult children is at epidemic levels right now among Baby Boomers. Many of your grown children have been deceived by the spirit of the world -- spirits of entitlement, narcissism, unthankfulness, etc. They picked up a lot of this on college campuses, at work, etc.

They believed a lie and built a case against you in their hearts. They "punish" you with false accusations, false guilt and false responsibility.

But the Boomers don't talk about it very much. Not only because it broke your hearts... but because of embarrassment and shame. Your kids tried to saddle you with false guilt. And your kids have no idea what you've gone through for them.

Worse, they don't want to know. They don't even see you as a human being. They don't care if you're grieving the loss of your own parents, for instance... or whatever your situation in life.

They just want to punish you for not filling the role they set up for you. They're angry about your many failures. They don't want healing, they want punishment! This includes those who "serve the Lord." It doesn't matter if they're faithful church goers... Some even find church counselors to talk to and gather ammunition to use on you.

They condescend to their own mothers. Mothers are tender-hearted. We're an easy target for our grown kids.

So today, Mother's Day, they don't honor you. They blame you.

They hold you responsible for their own bad decisions. And no matter what you say or do, it'll be wrong. They are a bottomless pit of demand, that you can never satisfy.

If this describes your situation, please hear the word of the Lord:

This is a manifestation of specific evil spirits at work in the world today. Mothers (as well as fathers) need to be aware of this warfare. The point is to shut down the Destinies of millions of women across America.

God is not done with the Boomers. Mighty Revival is at hand! So the enemy pulled out the "big guns" - the point of your greatest pain - to try to stop your finest hour!

Hear these words! JESUS WANTS YOU FREE. You still have a powerful Destiny. And your Destiny matters to God. You're a human being - a child of God - not just a slave to a child who never grew up inside.

TODAY IS YOUR DAY. Revival is coming to the Boomers, and you don't owe your kids ANYTHING but to love them!

Let me encourage you: LET GO of these toxic relationships and give them to God.

This is serious! These grown children don't see you as a person with Destiny. They see you as merely a function. "Mother." "Grandmother." "Baby sitter." Whatever role they want you to serve.

It is wicked.

As painful as it may be, you've got to say "No" to your children. Say "No" to their disrespect. You may have to physically remove yourself from a dysfunctional situation.

But do take a stand and give them to God! Pray for them, and then put them in God's hands.

TRUST GOD to "turn the hearts of the children to the parents." He can do it! But until then, you need to go live your life in freedom.

JESUS WANTS YOU FREE. You have a whole new Season ahead of you! New adventures with the Lord. BE FREE to follow Jesus with all of your heart! Don't let your grown children call the shots. Don't let them manipulate or control you anymore.

You were a good mother! If you knew the Lord, you prayed for them, taught them about Jesus, and sacrificed more than they'll ever know. (If you didn't know the Lord, you still did the best you could.)

Jesus already died for them. You don't have to!


Jesus loves you! It's OK to walk away and live your life in Peace and Joy.

BE FREE, MAMA! In Jesus' name! This is your Day! The Lord is on your side. BE FREE.

(Mother's Day, 2017)

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