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Be Encouraged
with the Spirit of Encouragement!

by Ck Thompson

Seeing & Hearing in the Spirit…

Today in prayer, the Lord spoke and told me to "send encouragement" to the

So... Hi! I'm here to encouragement YOU!

The Lord says, "Encourage yourself while you're waiting for your
You see... an actual ANGEL OF BREAKTHROUGH has been sent
to make it happen for you.

But I see God's people collectively holding their breath-- waiting for something major to happen. Waiting for the breakthrough that is greatly needed... and many are becoming Discouraged as they wait.

First of all, here's some REASSURANCE for you: Your breakthrough is AT HAND. Each one of you!

The Lord said to me, "The spirit of Favor that I released upon you & Mike is also being released on the people that are in your care. The Apostolic Grace that has come upon you is FOR THE PEOPLE."

Yes, the circumstances of life, hurricanes, forest fires, earthquakes, the economy, (fill in the blank).... These things are real, in the natural realm. But God is asking you to SEE INTO THE SPIRITUAL REALM. These things don't change who you are and what God has said. Every promise He's given you is coming TO you! One thing you MUST KNOW about God: HE IS INCAPABLE OF LYING.

The enemy's tactic is to get you to REMOVE YOURSELF from your position of receiving. Just like the children of Israel in the wilderness. They longed to go to their Promised Land so much, but they kept stumbling with Discouragement. It set them at odds with God's promise. I mean, if you moan and groan and say "I just can't do this," YOU put yourself in direct opposition to God's will for your life. (God calls it "murmuring.")

Breakthrough comes to the one who says, "We are well able to take the land!" GOD is on your side. Think about it: The GOD who created the Universe, who parted the Red Sea, who does great signs and wonders on behalf of His people! If you moan and groan against HIM... where does that leave you? With Faith and Patience you possess your souls!

Now is the time to recognize your authority as a believer. God NEEDS your agreement to get the job done. "If any two of you agree ON EARTH..." He's looking for agreement on Earth! That's how Heaven invades Earth... through YOU agreeing with Heaven!

So the first thing you need to do is stop agreeing with the devil against yourself. (And I just heard someone say, 'But you don't know what I DID... I got drunk... or stoned... I yelled at my wife... I kicked the dog...') And the Lord says, What does THAT have to do with it?? Are you saying the Blood of Jesus is not strong enough to cover you? Do you honestly think God didn't know this before He called you?

Those are all FLESH things. Your flesh does not disqualify you for the blessings of God. That kind of thinking is rooted in "religion." Religion tells you you're only "blessable" if you can control your flesh -- if you can 'keep the rules.'

NEWS FLASH: Jesus was the ONLY ONE who was able to control His flesh. Your salvation is through Jesus Christ and none other. If you base your "blessability" on your own flesh, you better ship your saddle home! You missed the entire point of the Cross. Your flesh CAN'T save you. That's why you needed Jesus in the first place, and why you still need Him today. You have been declared Righteous because of His shed blood. Period.

Here's a word to ponder: The Lord says, Your emotions and your flesh are not the determining factor in your breakthrough. So... Are you depending on your emotions to determine how things are going? And how's that working out for you?

Especially people who live in the Glory... We get so used to the awesome FEELINGS that go with it... We must remember, God's Word doesn't change if we wake up and that good FEELING isn't there. That's why it's called FAITH, people! Your breakthrough is not based on your feelings.

Plus, you have the power to CHANGE your own feelings. Not only by meditating in God's Word or listening to worship music. But it's a scientific fact that when you smile, it triggers "happy" feelings inside. Even if you don't think you're happy. Did you know that? Try it. SMILE. There you go. You feel that?

Stop whining and start smiling. In fact, kick it up a notch. Make yourself laugh. Ha..Ha... Ok, that one's a little harder, but if you keep it up, you WILL laugh.

Look in the mirror and say, "God loves me. God is GOOD to me! I'm a powerhouse in the Spirit. I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. Greater is He that is in me than he that is in the world. Ha! So there, stupid devil. I'm special to God, and by Jesus' blood I am clean and forgiven. Nothing can change that. I'm a believer. And it's breakthrough time for me!"

I've watched over the years, and my lightning-quick mind has perceived a thing: The greatest sense of Discouragement comes RIGHT BEFORE your breakthrough. That's when the enemy pulls out all the stops. He's trying to get you to back off at your appointed time. Don’t fall for it! Having done all to stand, stand therefore!

This is the time to LEAN HARD on your righteousness in Christ. Your breakthrough IS on its way. The angel of Breakthrough is doing his job. The Holy Spirit is orchestrating everything behind the scenes. Right now!

Now YOU choose to believe that. The 'good fight of faith' is fought in the arena of your mind. YOU make the choice to believe, no matter how you feel.


1. SMILE. Look in the mirror and smile at yourself. Then practice this on people you know. Then smile at strangers. This is especially fun at the supermarket. You get all kinds of reactions. SMILE, for no particular reason other than you belong to God, and that's something to smile about.

2. SPEAK ENCOURAGING WORDS. Again, look in the mirror and say what God says about you. "God loves me. God SO loved me that He sent Jesus. If I were the only one who needed forgiveness, Jesus would have come and died just for ME. It's that personal to Him."

And again, practice this on people you know. They need to hear how much God loves them too. And then practice this on strangers. You could be the one to change eternity for a complete stranger. Think about that!

3. PRAY IN TONGUES. God says this is how to build yourself up in Faith. (Jude 20) Praying in tongues is also the way to "draw up" wisdom from the Spirit of God. It gives you understanding when you read God's Word. It gives you boldness to minister to others. It helps you hear the voice of God. Pray in tongues DAILY. You can "intercede yourself into the will of God" by praying in tongues.

Pray in tongues over your children. Husbands & wives, push through any embarrassment and pray in tongues together.

When you pray in tongues, you're praying the perfect will of God into your own life and the lives of others. The gifts of the Holy Spirit operate through people who pray in tongues.

Do you realize that well over half of the Body of Christ on planet Earth pray in tongues? It's a "power tool" given to us by Jesus Himself, to get the job done on planet Earth. Liken it to building a house... Would you rather use a handsaw or a power saw? Praying in tongues is the power saw.

If you don't pray in tongues, we'd be glad to help you receive your prayer language. If you don't BELIEVE in praying in tongues, then I need to tell you you've been ripped off. Understand, this does not affect your “blessability.” But it does keep you from truly walking in everything God has for you. "Religion" and doctrines of men have ripped off so many people in this area. Praying in tongues is part of the package when you got saved, and it is available to EVERY BELIEVER.

4. GIVE AS AN ACT OF WARFARE: Activate the Law of Sowing & Reaping in your life.

If you need encouragement, GIVE encouragement. If you need clothes, give clothes to someone. (And not just your old worn-out stuff.)

If you need money, GIVE to the Lord. Seriously, this is an act of warfare. At times it seems like the most ridiculous thing to do.
When you need money the most.... that's the time to give. I'm not just talking about tithing. That's already off the top. I'm talking about purposely giving as an act of warfare, to break the spirit of Lack off your own heart and life.

See what happens to your heart when you do it. Seriously, it breaks bad attitudes off of you. It opens the "spigot" of financial blessing in your life.

Give and it will be given to YOU... "good measure, pressed down, shaken together and running over, will men give into your bosom. For with the same measure you mete, it will be measured back to you." With the same attitude, with the same joy. It's not the amount that matters as much as your attitude. (Unless the Lord tells you a certain amount.)

Recognize Giving as a LIFESTYLE. It's a characteristic of God. Act like God and be a Giver.

Trust me. As ones who have lived "by faith" over 35 years, Mike & I are an example of walking in Supernatural Finances. We raised our children. We own a house, a church building and several properties. We're preparing to look for more permanent facilities in Las Vegas. Based on the faithful tithes and offerings from people like you, who care about souls and listen to the Holy Spirit.

Actually, it's all based on believing that our GOD supplies ALL our need according to His riches in Glory. Believing He's our Covenant God, and that it's His will for His children to prosper. And believing that He who called us will back us up financially.

SERIOUSLY, our life is nothing short of a MIRACLE. The Lord told us He would make us examples of His Glory... Glory is associated with GOLD in the Bible. The Glory & Presence of God -- which is the thing we LIVE for -- produces Godly Prosperity.

Our way of life is like walking on a tight wire... just DON'T LOOK DOWN. We obey what He tells us to do, and money follows us. People who wait for the money before they obey God, end up doing nothing.

See, here's how it works: You have to step out and OBEY. That's what activates the flow of finances. And GIVING is a huge part of our lifestyle. It's being part of a continual flow of blessings. We don't have the luxury of NOT giving. That would stop the flow. That would just be dumb! Those who catch hold of the giving lifestyle, are on a constant adventure. It is at once scary, joyful and life-giving!

And you get to see God do amazing things that you'd never see if you didn't give!

So there you go. I hope this message has encouraged and lifted up your heart. IN JESUS' NAME, BE ENCOURAGED. Don't be bullied out of your Breakthrough by Discouragement. God cares about YOU. And it truly IS a New Day!

I appreciate each of you, and bless you in the name of the Lord Jesus!

Grace, Peace & Blessings,

Ck Thompson


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