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Angelic Intervention for
America & Israel

A Testimony of Angelic Encounters, Revival and
the “Donald Trump” Assignment

by Mike Thompson

America and Israel are currently undergoing Divine intervention

I'd like to share some angelic encounters, leading up to this time of Revival and unprecedented change in the U.S.

In my years of ministry, I was accustomed to seeing angels off and on, as a matter of course. But starting in 2010, when the Lord took me up to 3rd Heaven, everything began to change. It was truly the most significant event in my life since I originally accepted the call into the ministry.

In 2010, the Lord mantled me for a new season. He placed a new assignment on me. I look back now and marvel at what He has done. I'm an eye-witness of the future!

In 2012, the Lord introduced me to Michael the war angel. Michael is actually an archangel. He's the angel of Israel. And the protector of the Body of Christ (spiritual Israel.)

Jesus introduced us and then told me "Be the warrior!"

God uses angels to encourage us and keep us on track. Angelic contact isn't a rare thing that happens to other people. They are "sent to serve those who will inherit salvation." Heb.1:14  If Jesus is your Savior, then that's you!

Angels add their strength to your prayers. It's the name of Jesus that causes the devil to flee from you. Authority has been delegated to you by Jesus Himself, the Lord Head of the Church.

At this writing I've had four visitations from this warrior angel. Each visitation had to do with Revival.

In 2013, at the Lord's instructions, Michael showed me Revival hanging in the atmosphere over America. He showed me ten cities of intercession across the U.S., and spoke to me about my own heavenly assignment.

He came back later that year and showed me the spiritual fog over America.  And he gave me prayer strategies.

The purpose of warfare is to shift the atmosphere into alignment with God’s plans. Alignment must happen in the spiritual realm first, by our prayers. Eventually it comes to pass in the physical realm.
Daniel 10:12-13, 20-21

So I continue to pray for America. I said all that to say...

Here's What I Saw in the Spirit in November, 2015

      I saw Revival and Spiritual Awakening coming to our nation. At the same time, I saw God protecting Israel from her enemies. This included Israel's enemies in politics in the U.S.

I've prayed many years about the two main ruling political spirits over America. The Lord showed me Jezebel on the far left, and Pharisee on the far right.

Note these are ruling spirits in the atmosphere, the 2nd heaven. Not to be confused with Jezebel or Pharisee spirits that people deal with on a personal level.

The Lord was preparing to raise up a leader – a president – who would not be controlled by either ruling spirit. A wrecking ball to completely fracture and shift the atmosphere of corruption in Washington, D.C. The 2016 Presidential Election was to be a final piece of the puzzle in releasing Revival in America.

Then on April 7, 2016, the Shift Hit the Fan!

I was leading a prayer meeting at my office, when an angel suddenly stood beside me. He began giving me specific prayer strategies about the upcoming election.

Primaries were in full swing at the time. And here stood an angel telling me: "Speak against the dogs of hell that are coming against the one with the Hand of the Lord on him."

Then he named them. The dogs of hell were "false witness, hatred, and murder."

He continued, "Release Truth and Justice into the atmosphere. We, the angels, will break their spiritual teeth."

As the angel spoke, I clearly saw the face of "the one with the Hand of the Lord on him." I saw Donald Trump!

Here's the thing. Anyone who knows me, knows I NEVER allow politics in the church. I had a conviction from the Lord!

I stood by that conviction my entire ministry! Warfare is to be fought in prayer, not in the mudslinging mire of politics...

But that night – as I struggled through the night – the Lord reminded me the Presidential Election was a final piece of the puzzle for release of Revival.

He assured me it was about Revival, not politics.

That Night the Lord "Changed My Conviction."

        My new prophetic assignment: "Donald Trump."

Only the Lord and my wife know the struggle I went through. I finally relented and went public with it.

America’s destiny is intertwined with Israel’s. We're in the timetable of God. Watch as Revival touches down in both nations. Jesus is Lord, and Heaven is invading Earth.

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