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It’s Your Time for Great Favor
and Great Grace

”Do you love Me more than these?"  


Prophetic words of encouragement from Ck Thompson
(Updated July, 2014)

The last few years were a time of setting things in order. There were decisions to make and
 tests to pass. Persecutions came.  Tests of our faith came. There were money tests. Faithfulness
 tests. Integrity tests.


There were many opportunities to act like the world -- opportunities to stop walking in
 God's love.


An important point to understand: These tests were not from God. The devil came to steal
 the Word of God out of your heart
(Mark 4).  And to take you out of your Destiny.

 There has been a lot of bad news... for the world.  Sadly many of God's children began
 to cast away their confidence because of it. Some began to participate in political strife and murmuring.  


Many began to bow down to financial lack and accept it as a way of life -- the "new normal."


Many believers across the country stopped going to church.  They received the world's
 recession as their own.
 They forgot who they were and to Whom they belong.


Political strife in America almost shut up the heavens.  It tried to create a "spiritual famine."


Some people went back into Church-ism, in search of comfort & security.  But the
 Religious system was fully invested in Legalism & political strife.  It had long abandoned
 the Grace & Goodness of God.

 So in their weakened condition from lack of the Word, many of God's children fed on and
 believed the "word of the world" instead of the Word of God.

 They participated in a strong spirit of strife: Anger, murmuring and hopelessness.
 The sound of LOUD MURMURING went up to Heaven.  Fear grew in their hearts, like tares
 (weeds) sown by the enemy into the Master's wheat field.

Here's the thing:  When you feed on the word of the world it sows Fear into your heart.
 In the same
way, when you feed on God's Word it sows Faith into your heart.

"Faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the Word of God."


So Good News!  It's not too late to stop the cycle.  It's not too late to make
 good decisions.  
Choose Life!  Choose Grace!  Reject Fear, and choose to feed on
 God's Word.  
Get yourself into a good church where you'll be fed God's Word.  


Line up your heart with God's will.  Everything starts in the heart.  At this point, He's
 longing after YOUR heart.


And bless with your mouth!  Bless and don't curse.  Don't use the power of your
 words to shut up your own heavens.  PRAY for those in authority and start trusting
 God for our country.


STOP and SEE what the LORD is doing! And rejoice when persecutions come.
 Your hundred-fold return is coming with it!  Jesus said that whatever you GIVE
 -- or GIVE UP-- for His sake,
you will receive an hundred-fold "now in this time,
 with persecutions."

It's time for your Harvest, but it takes Faith!

And NOW is a season of breakthrough into Great Favor & Great Grace.  For those
 who are actively pressing into their Destiny, actively following hard after God... You will find
 Great Favor & Great Grace in the days ahead.  But you need to truly press in for it.

If you haven't been pressing into God, start NOW. Your life, destiny, children &
 legacy hang in the balance over the choices you make. This is no time to be lackadaisical
 in your spiritual life.  It's not spiritually "safe" to just go with the crowd.

The most important relationship in your life is your relationship with the Lord.
 In the last few years He
asked: "Do you love Me more than these?"  Time for decision
 -making.  Time to set things in order.

In the spirit, the "line in the sand" was drawn.  Which side are you on? Are you where He
 wants you?
 (Or do you value your friends more than Jesus?)  Do you love what He loves?
 Do you care about souls?

Do you obey God? Are you a doer of His Word, building your house on the Rock?
 Do you support the Gospel?  Are you a generous, faithful giver?

      Do you LOVE?  Do you seek first God's Kingdom and His righteousness?  Do you walk
 in integrity, no matter what others do?  Do you cherish HIM?

The new Prophetic/Apostolic season has begun!

Watch for increased Angelic activity.  In the last few years, angels began arriving
 on Earth. Newly dispatched from heaven, held for this season. They watched us for awhile,
 but now they're getting involved.

I’ve seen "new" angels following me around, in the last few years.  And now they’re
interacting with us.  The Kingdom of Heaven is invading Earth!

Recognize NOW that your greatest opposition comes from the spirit of Religion.
It will "turn the lights off" in your heart.  God's will is to turn your lights back ON, and
 give you the great joy of walking in your Destiny.

My beloved brothers and sisters! Don't be deceived by Religion! Controlling and
demons are involved in it. The devil pulls the strings and calls the shots in
 the Religious church.  Run for your life!  
I mean it.  Get yourself OUT of there.
Come OUT from among them!

You're called to be 3rd-Heaven people. THIS is Life! To walk heart-to-heart with
 your Covenant God.  The Blood of Jesus purchased your
Prosperity & Healing, as well as
 your Salvation.  
Watch as He prepares a table before you in the presence of
 your enemies.

As a child of God, your greatest days are still ahead of you. Don't let the world's
 circumstances turn you into a pessimist!  Don't stop walking in Faith.

These are times that prove what you really believe! Do you believe you have a
 Covenant God? Then look to Him and lean hard on your Covenant.

      Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever!  

It's time for "Suddenlies" and Miracles!  Revival and great Spiritual Awakening!

 This is the season to bring in the Lord's harvest.

And He's calling you UP!  He's calling YOU to walk with Him in Heavenly places.  What Joy!
 God wants to walk with you.  He wants to use you to make history. What an absolute honor!

It’s your time for Great Favor & Great Grace... "Do you love Me? Feed My sheep."  

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