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Word of Life/ Mike Thompson Ministries is a Spirit-filled, Bible-believing,
Prophetic Ministry - Proclaiming Jesus is Lord!

Recent videos from Mike Thompson (9-2-21):  Taken Up by the Spirit to DC Again - Here's What I Saw
Recent video clip w/ Steve Shultz (9-21-21): Whirlwind In Washington DC

Mike & Ck Thompson Continue to Stand against Fraud in the 2020 Election
The Lord told me Biden did not win. “There’s a thumb on the scale and it’s robbery.”
The Hand of the Lord is still on President Donald Trump.
Be encouraged and don’t back down. It’s not over!
- Mike & Ck Thompson
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A Prayer for Justice for America, 2021 (printable)

“It’s about Revival, not Politics”

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Recent “Ministry Videos from the Prophet’s Heart”…

· Open Vision: Two Lions, Jezebel's Government Imploding (9-11-21)
· The Heart of a Prayer Warrior (Is Biden Demonized?) (9-25-21)

· "Time to Get Off This Bus!"-Ck tells Covid Dream/ Takes Authority Over Biden Election Fraud

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Word of Life/ Mike Thompson Ministries is a Spirit-filled, Bible-believing, Prophetic, Revival-culture,

Counter-culture Ministry… based in Las Vegas, NV.  Welcome! God Loves You! Jesus is Lord!