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Seers, Eagles & Owls Conference - Las Vegas!
Prophetic Conference with Kathie Walters
Coming June 22-23, 2019

$25 per person

   For your convenience, we have three registration options:

      1. Register By Mail: Please list all names & addresses of attendees.
                              (Make sure your name is spelled as you want it on your Name Badge.)
Make Check or Money Order Payable To:

  Word of Life - S. Las Vegas
  Kathie Walters Seer Conference

  PO Box 231615

  Las Vegas, NV 89105

2. Bank Card and PayPal:

For secure BANK CARD and PAYPAL registration, click button below.
Choose ‘CONFERENCES’ under Funds, and list names of attendees
in the Comment Box.

3. Phone: 702-506-1624
Please have your bankcard ready.

Secure Bank Card and PayPal Registration

Choose PayPal or Bank Card on the second page of the form. Thank you!