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A Vision of Kim Clement

by Ck Thompson

This occurred Wednesday, November 23, 2016

At first this seemed too personal to share publicly. But now it is Sunday, Nov. 27, 2016, and the Lord has released me to share it. I pray this brings understanding and comfort to those who are looking to the Lord for insight at this time.

I had a vision of Kim Clement on Wednesday.

I was up late Tuesday night, and hadn't gone to bed yet, when about 3:30 am I saw an announcement on FaceBook. Kim Clement had died.

Initially I screamed out loud, "No! Lord Jesus! No!!"

And I posted a comment to that effect: "No!!!! Somebody please!!! Raise him up!!"

But within a few minutes I deleted my comment, because, Duh!... As if they weren't already trying to do that.

In my grief, I began to weep. Then the Holy Spirit overcame me and I went into a deep travail. And I travailed in the Spirit for hours. I don't know how to describe it. I felt like maybe one of those Old Testament prophets who mourned over kings and situations. I mean, I wept from the GUT until 7:00 Wednesday morning, when I finally fell asleep.

(“Travail” is form of deep intercession that pushes past our human limitations, pushes through opposing obstacles and circumstances. Travail gives birth and brings forth Life…in the spirit and in the natural.)

When I woke up it was almost noon. And it hit me all over again. I wept inconsolably and cried out to God about our brother, the prophet Kim Clement. Suddenly the Lord pulled back the veil and showed me what was going on.

I saw him! I saw them!

I saw Kim Clement standing with Jesus on a heavenly balcony. They were looking down at the earth. And they were conferring together. Discussing what to do.

I heard the word "considering."

Suddenly I realized Kim had gone to heaven several hours before it had been announced. Close friends of the ministry had come and laid hands on him, to help raise him from the dead. The family held off announcing his death as long as they possibly could.

(Kim's book "Call Me Crazy but I'm Hearing God" had suddenly shown up on my bed on Tuesday. Now I understood. He was already with Jesus when that happened.)

In the vision, he was "considering." He had not finished his course here. He was considering his family. And yes, he was considering his ministry. But mostly his family. And he was "considering" all he had been through.

Kim Clement had been poured out. Broken and poured out. He had fellowshipped with Jesus in His sufferings.

What were the "sufferings" of Jesus? Jesus' sufferings did not include physical sickness, other than the affect of spiritual pressure of a person's body.

No, the sufferings of Jesus were about pressing into the plan of God – His destiny – no matter what the cost. Souls were in the balance. And you need to understand, the persecution connected with that kind of destiny is just extreme. Persecution came from the demonic spirit realm as well as the physical realm. It is my opinion that most believers live their entire lives and never know what that kind of persecution is like.

No one really knew how much Kim suffered here. He struggled with physical issues for years. But the persecution he experienced was far worse than most ministries will ever experience. Throw in the "friendly fire" from his own brethren here on earth. No one really knew how much he had to fight, to withstand the onslaught of the enemy.

But he did fight. He did withstand the onslaught, with the fiery passion of the fiery prophet that he was. Passion that was placed there by the Holy Spirit. Kim fought back out of love and obedience to God, and fierce determination to raise up Kingdom warriors. Powerful prophetic worshiping warriors! Overcomers! Kim really loved the warriors.

And now I saw that he had been broken and poured out.

And here was Jesus offering Kim the option to go back. I was amazed at how much heaven honored this prophet! Jesus actually stood up and discussed it with him.

I could see that Kim was very torn. HE HAD A CHOICE TO MAKE. AND HE WAS STILL “CONSIDERING" THE OPTION. But he was considering it from heaven's perspective.

Heaven's perspective is vastly different from ours.

And that was the end of the vision. The deep travail lifted off of me.

And now, I have shared this experience in the hope that it will be helpful to others. Especially those who love him like Mike and I do, and need to see heaven's viewpoint.

Personally I'm still grieving for our prophet and friend, but "not as those who have no hope."
“He that has ears to hear, let him hear.”

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